Action Zone (Public Template)

Action Zone (Public Template)


Insert your "Life Data & Habit Tracking" Database here, filtered for just today, and only turning visibility on (in "Properties") for fields that you need to remember to do and fill-out throughout the day (hide fields for things you do first thing every morning and have already been entered before your work day starts). This is my template for the database to embed here.


This Week


Not-Active Review

Ongoing Low-Priority List

Not-to-Do List
  • NO distractions, tangents or rabbit-holes. Do the work as planned.
  • No erratic starts or transitions. Dive-in directly.
  • No junk food. No late evening eating.
  • Do not obsess over perfection in early drafts
  • No YouTube binging
  • No meetings/calls without clear agenda
  • No projects outside of Priority-Zone
  • Do not be late to meetings/calls
  • Do not constantly check notifications/likes

Do Date Calendar

Insert gallery-view of databases here for active clients, projects, and/or goal outcomes. Any bigger-scale undertakings that your task database is supporting and driving toward.

Working List 1

Working List 2