Notion Hacks
Notion Hacks

Notion Hacks

Dec 8, 2019 3:31 PM

This is a place/community to collect, discuss and create various hacks for Notion, the single most exciting app to exist so far.

In the future, we can collect some instructions on how to write your own hack for Notion, and together we can pressure Notion to provide a decent plugin architecture :)

In our Slack group, ask Evert Heylen for an invite to the Notion workspace.


We have the following core channels:

#code → Extending Notion through scripting, custom apps, APIs etc. Intended for coders but everyone is welcome.

#general → Important announcements and general discussion of Notion extensibility.

#nocode → Using advanced Notion functionality like formulas, relations, embeds, etc.

#random → Your usual "water cooler conversation".

#support → Questions about the projects showcased here, like

but excluding APIs.

#templates → Showcase your Notion templates.

Want to create another channel? Ask Evert!


Advanced formula tricks
Example Templates