Planning, Prioritizing & Organizing for Week #

Planning, Prioritizing & Organizing for Week #

Prioritizing Tasks for Next Week

Collected IdeasNext ActionUrgencyAttentionPrioritiesScheduled?To Delegate?Done?

Ideas to Collect

List all the tasks and projects not yet started and in progress.
Check your previous weekly plan and 90-day plan for any pending tasks to accomplish.
Look over the upcoming weeks of your calendar for any new tasks or projects.
Is there anything on your mind you haven’t captured? Here’s a great list that could assist you in evaluating your upcoming tasks.
Check your notebook, are there any tasks or ideas to develop you haven't captured?
Are there any tasks or people you need to follow up on?
Write the Next Action task by asking: what is the very next physical action that can be taken with the Collected Ideas?

Tasks to Prioritize

Decide the urgency of each task.
Evaluate each task and give it a number which represents the percentage of your attention during the week.
Read principles and values.
Choose the tasks you are committing to accomplish on the Priotities column.
Create a filter rule where priorities is checked and sum up all percentages of your commitments. If you are committing to more than 90% you are putting too much on your plate. Reevaluate.
Have you scheduled this task?
Can you delegate this task? (If applicable).


Review spending for the past week, and decide on budget for the coming week.
Plan food for the week and add items to grocery list.
Process inbox & file anything you’ve put into your inbox over the past week into the correct area (if applicable).