August Bradley : Notion Resources
August Bradley : Notion Resources

August Bradley : Notion Resources

May 4, 2020 8:24 AM
The Notion Templates below implement part of a comprehensive performance system I've designed and have taught to people for years (long before Notion was created). The system has massively enhanced my life and that of the many people I've shared it with. Notion empowers the system in a way no software has ever been able to.
I've started regularly sharing Notion-based productivity and performance enhancement insights on my Blog and YouTube Channel. These templates below are presented there in detail. Join us and subscribe!
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Notion Templates

1. High-Performance Daily Action Hub

🎯Action Zone (Public Template)

Take action every day, prioritize and focus with everything you need at your finger tips — but nothing else to distract.

Important info for using this Database

This design is a dashboard with one database embedded. All other inline databases seen in this dashboard are alternate views of that one original database. Video coming soon explaining how to use it.

The one original embedded database (called "Action Database") would be your Master Task Database. Any other pages in your Notion setup referring to your tasks would link to this "Action Database" included here.

Alternately, you could use your existing Master Task Database to replace the tables/boards/calendars inside the Daily Action Hub template, replicating the views (note several of them have multiple views).

2. High-Capacity Content Pipeline Planner

Content Machine (Public Template)Content Machine (Public Template)

Are you creating written articles, videos, podcasts, social media output? This is the master system I use to coordinate daily production of written, video, and audio content production. Dozens of clients have adopted this for their use and have saved endless hours while increasing output.

Important info for using this Database

This design is a dashboard with one database embedded. All other inline databases seen in this dashboard are alternate views of that one original database. Video coming soon explaining how to use it.

3. Transformational Life-Data & Habit Tracking

✴️ Life-Data & Habit Tracking (Public Template)

Identify and track the metrics for what matters most to you in life. What gets measured gets done, this is the best way to make things happen and evaluate what's working and what's not.

Important info for using this Database

Video coming soon explaining how to use this database.

** Adjust fields for the things you want to track, which should evolve from your life and business goals/priorities. Many of my morning health fields in the example here draw from an Oura ring and Withings Smart Scale which capture valuable sleep quality data and body metrics.

This is a database (not a page or dashboard) so it can more easily integrate into your existing Notion setup. Important note: The table display is intended for reviewing data, not for entering, To enter data open each page/record in the database. This is necessary because there are formulas that display in the table but the input fields are only on each individual page (turned off in the table view).

I will explain this further in the coming video on this template — all time entries have an hour and minute entry field then a formula calculation for the total time as a fraction (7.5 rather than 7:30). Two advantages to this:

  1. It's much faster to enter quickly every morning (enter hours, hit tab, minutes, hit tab — skip the ":" colon)
  2. It allows you to export the table and import it into spreadsheet software (Google Sheets, Excel, Numbers) and visually graph the formula time calculations (can't graph traditional time format).

4. Flow Chart of Notion System

📊 Flow Chart Map (Public Template)

Flow chart template created in Whimsical to design and visually map your Notion system (Whimsical template, not a Notion Template). When you get a free Whimsical account, you can duplicate this template into your account and modify/customize your personal version of it.

More Templates coming, bookmark this page for future updates.

Next-Level Notion & Performance System Design

I provide custom 1-on-1 guidance with Notion & building out your high performance productivity systems for ambitious individuals and small businesses.
More info on my Notion Client Work and Performance System Design at
Get in touch to discuss your needs and design a game plan for your unique situation.
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My expertise is performance enhancement & technological optimization for business owners

I've created exceptional personal productivity and business efficiency systems working with cutting-edge tech companies and producing a popular show on emerging technologies and human enhancement. My experience is built upon a 25-year business foundation ranging from Harvard Business School MBA to numerous successful startups to working, creating, and consulting for leading consumer brands such as Coke, Xbox, Gap, J.Crew, and many more.

I've turned my knowledge in these fields plus my personal experience overcoming a health crisis into a comprehensive program to help people whose businesses have plateaued or lack the bandwidth to take on new opportunities. My team and I reboot lives and businesses into elite performers with soaring personal and financial results.

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