Workspace template

Workspace template

Changelog @May 29, 2020: Updated the Planner with an Eisenhower Matrix - to help you prioritize @May 29, 2020: Added a Worklist-subpage to the Planner - to help you focus @May 29, 2020: Added a status-bar to the To-do database - to help your Notion look cooler 😎
Hi and welcome to my workspace-template. It mainly consists of 1 main "Dashboard"-page with subpages, dashboards and smaller databases (such as an overview of books to read, habit trackers and life goals), as well as 7 major databases that make up my everyday life (see below). Copy all of these to your sidebar to get started. I have added a grey callout-message on top of all relevant pages with some tips and tricks. Feel free to delete all call out messages or replace the content with something that inspires you.

Quick sum up of my workflow:

  1. Whenever I need to capture something quickly, whether that's a new to-do, project, something from the web clipper or just an idea, I put it in the Inbox-database. (This is super helpful on mobile, as the app remembers the last used database).
  2. Whenever I have time, usually every other day, I go to the "Quick review"-page (located in the "Dashboard"-page" and drag+drop the entries from the "Inbox-"page to the relevant databases. Example: A to-do would now go to the "To-do"-database, an article from the web would be put in the "External Brain"-database while an idea or quick note would go to the "Notes"-database. On the same page, I can add all relevant information needed to the entries, once they are moved.
  3. Another favorite page is "Planner". This page is used to plan and solve all my tasks and is probably the page I spend the most time on in Notion. In addition, it shows me relevant entries from the "External Brain"-database and the "Relationships"-database, which I find super useful.
  4. Once a week (recommended), I go to the Review-database and do a weekly review. Start by clicking "New" and choosing the "Weekly Review"- template. All relevant databases with relevant filters are shown here, to help you plan unplanned items (similar to on the "Quick review" page), as well as re-evaluate to-do's marked "Sometime". The review also helps you with any items you might have laying around that needs planning; for example paper, your e-mail inbox and items in your calendar.

Press "Duplicate" in the upper right corner to get started, drag all the pages below to your sidebar and finally, delete this page if you don't want to save it

Dashboard (template)Dashboard (template)Inbox (template)Inbox (template)To-do (template)To-do (template)Relationships (template)Relationships (template)Notes (template)Notes (template)Projects (template)Projects (template)External Brain (template)External Brain (template)Review (template)Review (template)

All pages have (template) in the name, to help differentiate them from my active pages with the same name and icon. You should rename them 😎


Many of the pages and databases in my workspace, probably most of them, have been inspired by other Notion users and different templates. For example, my "External Brain" template started with Ali Abdaal's Resonance Calendar. For the rest, I have had help and inspiration from the Community. I don't want to mention names, as I might forget someone, so to all of you; thank you!!

You can find loads of Notion inspiration and resources, such as the icons in this template, at

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: